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Race Timing Services

Timing Results are able to provide you with a range of race timing solutions from start to finish, including a number of different options to suit your event and budget.

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The sports timing solutions we use are suitable for swimming, cycling, MTB, running, obstacle racing and multisport events.  Utilising RFID technology, we are able to provide accurate and fast competitor results, SMS delivery, live announcer display via iPad (supplied), timing splits at various locations, unique individual printed results and the reports that you need, when you need them.

Most commonly used Race Timing Transponders – many more to choose from.

Disposable Transponder timing devices for sticking on the back of race bib/number plate.
Passive UHF transponder, timer chip with Neoprene Velcro Strip making it suitable for any event including – triathlons, swimming, obstacle and mud races.
Sticker for seat post with disposable transponder